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The Randolph Civic Foundation (RCF) is a charitable and educational organization serving the communities of Randolph Hills, Franklin Park, Montrose Park, Randolph Farms, and Hilltop Square. Our organization is primarily focused on charitable activities including neighborhood beautification, disaster relief within the community, community education, promoting environmental stewardship, supporting local schools, and our community youth groups: BSA Troop 1083, Cub Scout Pack 1081, Venture Crew 1083, and Girl Scout Troop 2183. 

The Randolph Civic Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, accepts donations from individuals and corporations. Contributions to the Randolph Civic Foundation are tax-deductible and can be mailed to our P.O. Box (on the "Contact Us" page), or on the Randolph Civic PayPal form.

Updates on Foundation activities can be found in the RCF section of "The Echo", official newsletter of the Randolph Civic Association. 

Executive Committee 2017-2018

  • President: Nell Rumbaugh
  • Vice President: Ashley Salganik
  • Secretary: Kate Bueno
  • Treasurer: Molly Kim
  • Directors:
  • Eric Turkman
  • Karena Cooper
  • Carol da Silva


Upcoming Events

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Block Party Info

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Block Party Sponsorship Information

The Randolph Civic Foundation is pleased to announce the new RCF Block Party Sponsorship Program. In case you haven't heard the term before, a Block Party is an event where a resident of the community, with the help and agreement of their neighbors, closes off one or more blocks of a neighborhood street to throw a big outdoor party. These events can range from simple affairs, with light refreshments and kids enjoying the freedom of riding their bikes and scooters up and down the quiet street, all the way to extravagant carnivals, with food, drink, live music - you name it. Due to their current popularity nationwide, ideas for planning Block Parties are easily available online.

Here is the process for putting together a Block Party:

• Approach your neighbors and agree on a date and time
• Plan the food and entertainment and delegate responsibilities. Try
  out our handy Block Party Template.
• Submit a completed Sponsorship Request
  Form to the Randolph Civic Foundation
• Allow up to one week for Board approval
• Upon approval, apply for a permit through the county,
  which can be downloaded from the county website.
• Request an event announcement in the Echo (optional)
• Put up flyers or deliver door to door
• After the event, submit receipts for food/non-          
  alcohol drinks/entertainment, along with a copy of the 
  county permit
• The Randolph Civic Foundation will reimburse up to $150


Visit www.ourblocks.net for more information on block parties.

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P.O. Box 489

Garrett Park, MD 20896-0489



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